Spreadbetting UK
Spread Betting UK

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Spread Betting UK

Spread Betting offers the advantages of tax free gains, no capital gains tax, and huge profits (or losses!) without putting down a large initial stake. UK Spread Betting operators are regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority).

This site is independent and dedicated to providing fair and accurate information on spreadbetting companies in the UK. Expert reviews for some of the most popular companies, rated independently by us and by our customers.


WorldSpreads spreadbetting

WorldSpreads are one of the longest established true Spreadbetting companies, with internet and telephone based trading.  World Spreads are based in Dublin and offer a tax-free way to play all the main financial markets.  No capital gains tax and no income tax.

Best for:  Security and tax free status

Financial Spreads

Financial Spreads offer very tight spreads, 24 hour a day trading, and a range of markets from commodities, oil and gas, FTSE stocks and all the main financial markets.  New customers benefit from a free deposit of £70 into their account to place their first bets.

Best for:   free joining bonus (£70 / €100)


BetOnMarkets offer

BetOnMarkets lets you play all the main Financial Markets of the world using all bet sizes, starting at just £1 / €1 / $1.  For those that are new to the markets the Up/Down bet lets you simple decide whether the market will finish up that day, and make significant winnings if correct.

Best for:   quick start financial bets with low risk


BetDAQ sports arbitrage

BetDAQ is an automated betting exchange that removes the bookmaker, so you are betting only against other players.  One of our customers quoted it as “a punting paradise”, and it is very commonly used for betting arbitrage, where you can make a win out of other punters' poor judgment.

Best for:  huge range so perfect for bet arbitrage.


CMC spreadbetting company

CMC Markets is a world leader in online CFDs, Spread Betting and Foreign Exchange. CMC offers professional trading for private investors in global financial markets and is renowned for its powerful Market Maker trading software, which can be downloaded and used for free by all CMC members.

Overall CMC remains one of our current customer favourites, due to the power of its platform and the tightest spreads.

IG Index spreadbetting

With IG Index you can be sure you are trading with an established provider of financial services and using a trading platform renowned for its reliability. IG is particularly well suited to beginners to financial spreadbetting. It offers a simple but powerful platform and offers stop losses to limit your potential loss.

TD Waterhouse spreadbetting login

TD Waterhouse is well known for its execution-only broker service. They have now unveiled a new online Financial Spread Betting service. TD Waterhouse is a global corporation with over 5.2 Bn in assets, so is a particularly safe and stable company to use to place financial positions.

The spreadbet platform is still quite new but promises to be another success for TD Waterhouse

capital spreads spreadbetting

Capital Spreads are a leading independent financial spreadbetting company based in London. The platform and software is powerful with a huge range of charts, tickers, stock categories and charting options.

Capital spreads offer excellent customer service and a friendly telephone support team.

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