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Sports Betting

Sports Betting using spreads offers the potential for large wins if you can predict events better than the average bookmaker. This is not as hard as it sounds. The bookies have to cover millions of events, races, football matches and tennis games. So long as you have a little local knowledge, for example the fitness of a key player, or condition of the turf, you can clean up.

A little knowledge equals big winnings. Read on...

A short introduction to the fundamentals of sports arbitrage

Sport is about emotion. And because of that, sports betting is for most people
also about emotion. They bet at their favourite team to add a little more
excitement to the game. For other people, sport is their ultimate hobby.
They know everything about their favourite league/sport. They have
statistics on everything. Based on history, they try to bet as effective as

Both types of sports bettors will not succeed in making money out of
sports betting. Some might make money, but that’s just because of
sheer luck. See, it is not emotion or history that predicts an outcome of a
sports match. In fact, nothing can predict the outcome of a sports

This is why, in order to make (huge) profits, you should not make bets
based on emotion or historical statistics. In other words: you shall not
gamble, but you shall take a logical approach.

This logical approach can be taken because odds compilers who work
for various bookmakers are not thinking logically but emotionally and
arrogantly too. Hundreds of bookmakers exist on the internet, but all of
them have different odds at the same matches. They do not share their
knowledge, but they only act upon their own knowledge and thus do
not work together. The different opinions that odds compilers have,
create wonderful opportunities for us. It is because of them, we exist.
We call the logical approach that is needed in order to take
advantage of these differences in the opinions of odds compilers
arbitrage. Bets you place following arbitrage strategy are called

Sports Betting Arbitrage refers to this: Making a guaranteed profit by
backing all possible outcomes of a sporting event at higher than usual
odds at competing bookmakers.

More fully explained it refers to the fact that you can make money at
home on your computer, at your own leisure whilst having complete
control of every step. Sports spread betting arbitrage is completely legal wherever online gambling is legal, it is thoroughly tried and tested, anyone can do it, and it does not involve recruiting or selling anything.

The idea is very simple; take for example a tennis match where there
are only two possible outcomes. Find odds for player 1 which are
5 exceptionally high, then find odds for player 2 which are exceptionally
high for that player at another bookmaker. If the odds are high enough
you then back both sets of high odds in the right proportion, and
regardless of who wins, you make a guaranteed profit. You can apply this to standard bookmaker betting, but it works best when spread betting on sports at sites such as BetHiLo (see below)

Please note: you will always lose a bet and win a bet. So you will loose
money at one bookmaker and win at another bookmaker. When you
take advantage of a soccer arbitrage opportunity you will even lose
money twice and win once. The thing with arbitrage is however, that
your winnings at one bookmaker are always bigger than your loss at the
other bookmaker or the sum of losses at two bookmakers. This is why
there is always a profit, regardless the outcome of the particular match.

Getting started at Sports Betting using Arbitrage

The concept is as easy as that. Is there any risk? No. Is it legal? Yes. Does
it require exceptional skills? No. Can you make more money than at a
regular job? Definitely!

To carry out effectice Sports arbitrage all you need to do is sign up to 3-4 seperate online sports accounts.

Our recommeneded sites are:

1. Sporting Index

2. BetDAQ

3. SportingBet

4. Racing UK

5. Paddy Power Sportsbook

6. BetHiLo

6. World Spreads

I recommend you open an account at each of the above before you start. Then start to look for the best odds and start to win!

Good luck at making some easy money!

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