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Glossary G to H

Gap through

If the market trades through the level specified by the client in an order, without actually trading at that given level.


When a company's debts are expressed as a percentage of its equity capital. A high gearing would signify debts are high in relation to equity capital. Gearing is also known as leverage.


Good For the Day, an order that can only be filled on the day the order is received, if it is not executed that day it is deleted.


Government issued bonds, so called because once upon a time the certificates were gilt edged.


A screen trading system developed by the CME and other quote vendors.

Good for the Day (GTD)

A limit order, which expires at the end of the day, if it has not been executed.

Grey Markets

Term for a group of markets that we offer that are not actually listed on any exchange, for example IPOs and political bets.

Growth Stocks

Shares in companies in expanding sectors that have high rates of growth and therefore high P/E ratios.


Good Till Cancelled, an order which if not filled on the day will be carried forward indefinitely until it is either traded or cancelled by the client.

GTC - Good Till Cancelled

An instruction to a broker that unlike normal practice the order does not expire at the end of the trading day. The order placed will remain active until it is either executed or cancelled.

Guaranteed Stop loss

An order that protects one's stop order in the scenario the markets gap through your stop order.


The primary digits within a FX price quote that are assumed to be known. For instance, a EUR/USD quote of 1.2800 would have a handle of 128. FX dealers/traders do not generally quote the handle.

Hedge Fund

A type of unregulated investment fund often used by corporate institutions or high-net-worth individuals and private partnerships that use derivatives for directional investing and/or are allowed to go short and/or use significant leverage through borrowing. Depending on the jurisdiction, these techniques may not be allowed in a typical mutual investment fund.


Use of investments to manage commercial risk or to minimize a potential loss to an existing position or known commitment. It is also defined as the practice of undertaking one investment activity in order to protect against loss in another, e.g., selling short to nullify a previous purchase or buying long to offset a previous short sale. While hedges reduce potential losses, they also tend to reduce potential profits.

Hostile takeover

Where one company tries to buy another company against the latter's wishes.

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